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Automated Gate Opener Motor repair In Miami

24/7 Gate Motor Repair

Gate Motors Unlimited has repaired thousands of gate motors and specializes in repairing solar and electric automatic gate issues of all types.

When you call Gate Motors Unlimited 24/7 Gate Motor Repair Miami, a live person will answer your call day or night. During normal business hours, a technician will be dispatched the same day to assess the problem. If it’s an emergency after our normal business hours, your call will be forwarded to a customer service representative who will help assess the issues and dispatch a technician if necessary. We are staffed with technicians that service the Miami-Dade County Areas.

Why Choose Gate Motors Unlimited

Unlike ordinary automatic gate repair companies, Gate Motors Unlimited follows a methodical process when called in for a repair issue. From our experience in repairing thousands of gates each year we have learned that the visible operational issues are often caused by other component failures.

Our technicians know the reason they have been sent to a client property and once there, they quickly evaluate the obvious problems. The technician will look at the damages and determine if repairing the faulty components is the right choice or, given the age of the system, are you better off replacing the faulty parts. Once that decision is made our technician will walk through each component of your automatic gate to make sure everything is functioning as it should. The technician will make adjustments to components not calibrated properly, check chains for proper lubrication, check to make sure sensors are aligned properly. If you have in-ground loops the technician will make sure they are working properly. Our work is backed by the best available warranty.

Trained Gate Technicians

Our technicians, many who have been with us for the last 10 to 15 years, go through an extensive training process allowing them to perform repairs on gate operators like, LiftMaster, Eagle, PowerMaster, Viking and many more.  They are trained to make certain you have all the necessary safety features currently available to avoid injury to a pet or family member or damage to a vehicle. If there is no option other than replacing components in your automatic gate our techs will select exactly what is needed for your specific gate. We won’t use an inexpensive generic part, and we will provide a detailed quote and invoice for your consideration and approval.

Comprehensive Approach

When you require automatic gate repair services, you are better off selecting a company that takes a holistic approach to serving their customers. Unlike ordinary security gate companies, Gate Motors Unlimited takes care of the obvious problems and then steps back to look at the entire system. Before our technicians leave they will go through every component of your automatic gate and make sure it is calibrated properly, safety devices are installed and working and moving parts greased for smooth operation. When our technicians leave, you can rest assured your property is secure and everything is operating safely.

Request 24/7 Gate Opener Repair Miami Service Online. Or call us at (786) 731-1668  24/7 to speak with a live person. Also Available in Florida City and Fort Lauderdale


 This is where we really shine, Gate Motors Unlimited  is a gate automation company, that’s what we specialize in. Whether you have an existing gate or you’re getting a new gate from a third party such as a local welder a handyman or a contractor –  don’t settle for any company to automate this gate for you, we’re the ones to call. 

For an electric gate system to work at its full potential you need an expert. First comes the electric gate operator – it’s the gate motor that allows for easy access in and out of your residential or commercial property safely and securely. If this motor and it’s components are not chosen and installed properly, your gate becomes a huge headache and a liability to boot.

We are the go-to authorized installer by all major brands to handle, maintain, service and install their products. Whether you need to install a slide gate operator, swing gate operator, overhead gate opener, hydraulic or a screw-drive – you have come to the right place 

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