Safety Sensors & Photo Eyes

Liftmaster Monitored Retro Reflective Photo Eye

Liftmaster LMRRUL Monitored retro reflective photo eye for gates and garage doors offers long range

  •  Long Range Sensing distance up to 50 ft
  • Requires power only on one side of the installation.
  • Built-In Heater for dependable performance in most environments.
  • Alignment strength indicator signals optimal beam alignment.
  • Steel sensor hood and durable polyethylene reflector hood, 10 ft. wire, brackets and mounting hardware included.
  • Meets UL 325 Safety Standards.

Omron Safety Photo Cell Commercial Unit Reflector

omron commercial and residential photo eye safety sensor for swing gate opener and slide gate opener

  • Includes Mounting Bracket and Reflector
  • 24VAC - 240VAC / 24VDC - 240VDC
  • 32.8ft Range
  • Easy to wire terminal strip, plug-in replacement outputs
  • Sensing range of 32'
  • Complies with UL 325 standard

LiftMaster LMRRU Monitored Photo Eye

Liftmaster photo eye safety sensor for liftmaster slide gate and swing gate openers at gate motors

  •  Meets 2016 UL 325 requirements
  • Long Range Sensing distance up to 50 ft.
  • Requires power only on one side of the installation
  • Anti-Fogging Lens
  • NEMA 4X rated
  • Easy to see LED indicators (2) for instant feedback, aligned, misaligned or blocked
  • Compatible with LiftMaster Gate Operators with Monitored Safety Inputs
  • Steel sensor hood and durable polyethylene reflector hood, 6 ft. wire, brackets and mounting hardware included

EMX IRB-RET Retroreflective Photoeye

IRB-RET is a monitored, weather-proof retro reflective photo eye providing entrapment protection

  • Selectable monitoring interface for easy set-up and installation
  • Compatible with many operators
  • Long operating range
  • Robust design minimizes fogging and false triggering to provide easy alignment
  • Mounting bracket and reflector provided
  • Type B1, non-contact sensor
  • UL 325-2016 compliant
  • Operating range up to 60 ft. 
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Sensitivity adjustment: potentiometer

BFT Photo Eye Polarized Reflective Photocell

Use this Photocell safety Device with any brand of Gate Operators. BFT Polarized photo beam

  • Polarized Sensor 
  • Red infrared led element 
  • IP-66 water proof/cable gland 
  • PMMA upper casing, anti fog/dew/rain 
  • Round shape reflector-Dia.:80mm 
  • Input volt: AC/DC 12-250V non polarity 
  • Twin colorsled indicator for beam alignment 
  • Tamper switches included 
  • Sensing range 35ft. 

EMX NIR Retro-Reflective Photo-eye Safety Sensor

NIR retro-reflective photo-eye sensor provides protection for commercial gates and parking barriers.


  • Can be used as a reversing safety sensors/photo eyes for commercial overhead doors, gates and parking barriers
  • Flexible Voltage 12V AC/DC to 240V AC. Watertight Package, 30 feet range, 6 foot cord.
  • Bracket and Mounting hardware included. Two LED Indicators, Sensitivity adjustment.
  • Compact water-tight design allows for outdoor installation
  • Mounting hardware and indicators make it easy to install.