Eagle Diamond Control Board

eagle slide gate operator control board. eagle 100, eagle 1000, eagle 200, eagle 2000, eagle 2000

This board is compatible with; 

  • Eagle-100 Gate Operator 
  • Eagle-1000 Gate Operator  
  • Eagle-200 Gate Operator 
  • Eagle-2000 Gate Operator 
  • Eagle-2000-APT Gate Operator   
  • Eagle-OH  Gate Operator
    Part# E555 

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Eagle AC Mini Control Board

Eagle AC control board for Eagle One (1) and Eagle Two (2) Slide and Swing Gate Operators

Compatible with;

  • Eagle-I  Gate Operator 
  • Eagle-II  Gate Operator 

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Eagle DC Diamond Control Board

eagle dc control board for eagle 100dc, eagle 1000dc, eagle 200dc, Eagle 2000dc, Eagle E600

DC Diamond control boards in Miami, Gate Opener Control Boards in Fort Lauderdale comes built in with lightning and surge suppression and is compatible with; 

  • Eagle-100-DC Gate Operator
  • Eagle-1000-DC Gate Operator
  • Eagle-200-DC Gate Operator 
  • Eagle-2000-DC Gate Operator
  • Part# E600 

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SEA Gate 1 DG (115Vac) Control Board

sea slide and swing gate operator control board main mother board available at gate motors unlimited

  • Management of one 115 Vac motor 
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing
  • Adjustable pedestrian opening
  • Led warning lamp
  • Connector for radio RF receiver
  • Inversion on obstacle with encoder
  • Programming through JOLLY 3
  • Extractable terminals

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SEA User 1 DG (24V) Control Board

SEA user 1 dg 24 v control board for sea slide gate opener motor installation in Miami, broward,

  • Management of one 24V motor
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing
  • Motor speed adjustment
  • Programming through JOLLY 3 programmer
  • Extractable terminals
  • Photocells self-test
  • Prepared for Master-Slave function
  • Adjustable courtesy light output up to 4 minutes 

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SEA Gate 2 DG (110V) Control Board

sea gate 2 DG (110V) control board main mother board for SEA access control systems gate motors

  •  Management of two 115 Vac motors with or without limit switch 
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing
  • Adjustable slowdown in opening and closing for each leaf and direction
  • Adjustable motor torque for each leaf and direction
  • Extractable terminals

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