Eagle Access Systems Slide Gate Operators

Eagle-I Residential Slide Gate Operator

eagle slide gate opener motor for 18 foot gates 300 lbs with 5 years warranty. gate motors unlimited

  • Residential Slide Gate Operator
  •  Built for gates up to 18 feet or 300lbs 
  • Equipped with a 1/2 horse power motor 
  • 12” per second travel
  • Auto-Close Timer (1-60 sec.)
  • One (1) Eagle Receiver Included
  •  5 year warranty 

Eagle-1000 Series Residential/Light Commercial Slide Gate Operator

Eagle Commercial Slide Gate Opener. Slide Gate Opener with Battery Backup. Gate Motors Unlimited

  • Maximum Gate for 1000-FSF, 1000-FSC & 1000-FR: 27’ & 600 lbs
  • 12” per second travel
  • UL 325 and UL 991
  • One (1) Eagle receiver Included
  • Auto-Close Timer (1-60 sec.)
  • 12” per second travel
  • 5-Year Limited (Residential)


Eagle-2000 Series Commercial Slide Gate Operators

Eagle 2000 Commercial Slide Gate Operator Motor available at gate motors unlimited. swing gate motor

  • Maximum Gate for 2000-FSF, 2000-FSC, 2000-DM, 2000-FR: 45’ 1000 lbs.
  • Auto-Close Timer (1-60 sec.)
  • 12” per second travel
  • UL 325 and UL 991
  • 5-Year Limited (Commercial)
  • 7-Year Limited (When Used in Residential Application

Eagle Diamond Control Board

Eagle Gate Operator Diamond Control Board compatible with Eagle-100, 1000, 200, 2000, 2000-APT

 This board is compatible with the Eagle-100, Eagle-1000, Eagle-200, Eagle-2000, Eagle-2000-APT and Eagle-OH operators. slide gate operators and swing gate operators Part# E555 

Eagle DC Diamond Control Board

Eagle DC Diamond Control Board for Eagle Slide and Swing Gate Opener Motors solar or electric

For added protection, Eagle Access Systems DC Diamond control board comes built in with lightning and surge suppression and is compatible with the Eagle-100-DC, Eagle-1000-DC slide gate operators, Eagle-200-DC and the Eagle-2000-DC operators. Part# E600

Eagle AC mini control board

Eagle AC mini control board for Eagle Gate Opener Motors both swing and slide, Solar and Electric

 The AC mini control board is a condensed version of our Diamond control board and is compatible with our Eagle-I and Eagle-II gate operators.  Part# EG002 

Eagle Access Systems Swing Gate Operators

Eagle-II Residential Swing Gate Operator

Eagle swing gate opener motor available at gate motors unlimited, miami gate motor repair, fort lauderdale gate opener motor repair

  • Maximum Gate: 14 ft & 400 lbs
  • 18 seconds(approx.) to open (0-90 degrees)
  • Auto-Close Timer (1-60 sec.)
  • Quick Release Lever
  • One (1) Eagle Receiver Included
  • 5-Year Limited (Residential)

Eagle-100 Series Residential/Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

eagle swing gate opener motor sales installation and repair. Miami Gate Motor repair, fort lauderdale gate motor opener sale installation and repair

  • Maximum Gate: 600 lbs & 18 ft
  • 18 Second (approx.) to open 
  • ETL Listed
  • UL 325 and UL 991
  • One (1) Eagle Receiver Included
  • 5-Year Limited (Residential)


Eagle-200 series Commercial Swing Gate Operator

swing gate opener, eagle swing gate motor, eagle swing gate opener repair installation and sales.

  • Maximum Gate for 200 and 200-DM: 20 ft & 750 lbs
  • Maximum Gate for 200-1HP: 20 ft & 1000 lbs
  • 18 Second (approx.) to open
  • UL 325  
  • 5-Year Limited (Commercial)
  • 7-Year Limited (When Used in Residential Application)and UL 991

Eagle Plug in loop detector

eagle eg167 loop detector, eagle swing gate openers, eagle slide gate openers, eagle gate opener motor

 The Eagle loop detector provides the ease of installation by only requiring 2 loop wires and should only be used on Rev A3 and Rev A4 Diamond control boards. It can be used in the reverse, shadow or exit loop slots. Part# EG167

Monitored Photo Eye

EMX retro reflective photo eye. retro reflective photo eye. powermaster photo eye. eagle photo eye.

 The EMX IRB-RET monitored photo eye is designed to prevent the gate from closing when there is an obstruction in the pathway. Its design minimizes fogging and false triggering to provide easy alignment. With its long range distance(up to 60 ft.) and weather proof housing, the EMX IRB-RET monitored photo eye is the perfect choice to pair with your Eagle operator.
EG111 – Monitored Photo Eye 

Eagle EG-654 Wireless keypad

The Eagle CHROME series universal receivers, accompanying remotes and keypad, utilize rolling code

  •  2-channel Transmitter (433.92MHz) and only can be activated by pressing correct password. 
  •  It can be installed both inside and outside room.
  •  The product can ensure the maximum safety because of the changing code for each time. 
  • Working range can reach 100 meters in the open area outdoor. Indoor range is 35m. 
  • The design extends the battery life. It can work for 2 years.